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News / International News
Russia news
Apr 11 2014 - Times Union, Albany NY by Thomas L. Friedman
Shortly before the Sochi Olympics, Russian President Vladimir Putin played in an exhibition hockey game there. In retrospect, he was clearly warming up for his takeover of Crimea.
Editor's Comments:
Interesting take. I'm not sure I agree but I suppose it is possible that Russia thinks we are being aggressive when we expand NATO and the EU. bbm
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News / Government
Government property ownership
Apr 14 2014 - NewsMax
The Nevada rancher who forced the federal Bureau of Land Management to back down last week may have been targeted because a Chinese solar company with ties to Sen. Harry Reid's son wants the land for an energy plant, several websites report.
Editor's Comments:
Now things make sense. You can't trust politicians and particularly Democrats. bbm
Apr 19 2014 - Indiana Gazette by JAY AMBROSE
Here comes Cliven Bundy, who looked like a 21st–century Paul Revere as he ran about his Nevada ranch shouting the feds are coming, the feds are coming, successfully arousing others who joined him in standing up to a mighty force that backed down in some of its overkill. Is he a hero, then? No, but stay tuned.
Editor's Comments:
Does he break a law when he protests the government's taking of his liberty? When he protests the government's ownership of land that it doesn't need to perform its basic constitutional functions? It breaks the law of the land everytime it takes away liberty. bbm
Principles of government
Apr 12 2014 - American Enterprise Institute by Nicholas Eberstadt
Though we seldom think of them this way, America's statistical agencies are the very eyes and ears of our democracy. When they are functioning properly, they provide essential information to help the public and its elected representatives see what is going right in our country–and what is going wrong. Such information is crucial for forming a more perfect union.
Editor's Comments:
If government were smaller, it wouldn't matter. People would take care of themselves. bbm
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News / Government / Forms of Government
Free enterprise vs. socialism
Apr 16 2014 - Times Union, Albany NY by Kathleen Agena
As the conflict in Syria continues, hope that peace negotiations in Switzerland will be able to provide a solution to the crisis is decreasing.
Editor's Comments:
Yes, trade is essential to peace. bbm
Free enterprise and small government
Apr 16 2014 - The Dallas Morning News by ORLY LOBEL
The big story in Silicon Valley these days is a class–action lawsuit alleging that several major tech companies, including Google and Apple, agreed not to try to hire away one another’s employees, thereby hindering workers from seeking out better–paying jobs.
Editor's Comments:
Because he is paying your salary, stupid. If you want to own your ideas, start your own business. bbm
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News / Government / Politics / Political Ideology
Democratic Party
Apr 17 2014 - The Dallas Morning News by CARL LEUBSDORF
The LBJ Presidential Library’s recent civil rights summit seems to have achieved its two related goals, informing a new generation about Lyndon Johnson’s historic presidential achievements and demonstrating their continuing relevance to today’s issues.
Editor's Comments:
I can't think of a single thing that LBJ was truly responsible for that has aided America. He voted numerous times against the interests of blacks before he signed the laws but he gets credit, unfortunately. bbm
Apr 13 2014 - Times Union, Albany NY by Paul Grondahl
The Big Four — a sitting president and three former presidents — came to praise Lyndon Baines Johnson upon the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The historic gathering was held at the LBJ Presidential Library and Museum, not far from the Hill Country where the 36th president grew up in a cabin without electricity or indoor plumbing, poor and segregated, a product of the Jim Crow South.
Editor's Comments:
He's the one that started the War on Poverty (its costs equal the national debt), a huge mistake, and he began Medicare which is killing America.
Apr 11 2014 - Milford Daily News by E.J. DIONNE JR.
History offers a rough kind of justice.
Editor's Comments:
The GOP helped LBJ get civil rights passed, Medicare is doomed, and debt is impossible to sustain. Nothing here for people to be proud of. bbm
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News / Government / Politics / Health Care
Health care debate
Apr 18 2014 - Indiana Gazette by Martin Schram
Did you hear the latest news about Obamacare? Probably not. Even though it is important news you need to know so you can make smart decisions that will help you and your family.

Newsbreak: The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office this week issued a new analysis showing that the Affordable Care Act, the plan known as Obamacare that guarantees your insurance cannot be denied or canceled because of a pre–existing health problem, will cost the government less than expected and in many ways it is doing much better than you thought. Especially if you've been getting most of your info from the Republican and tea party leaders who want you to think "Obamacare" a four–letter word.

Editor's Comments:
Here's the good news from the CBO: ACA will cost the government $5 billion less for this year than CBO had projected in February, and an additional $104 billion less than it projected for 2015 to 2024. These savings mean the deficit for 2014 will be $22 billion lower than CBO forecast just two months ago." If you believe this, I have this bridge for sale.
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Apr 13 2014 - Indiana Gazette by Paul Krugman
When it comes to health reform, Republicans suffer from delusions of disaster. They know, just know, that the Affordable Care Act is doomed to utter failure, so failure is what they see, never mind the facts on the ground.
Editor's Comments:
Rand used to be a decent organization. Now it is liberal on social issues. You can't trust their conclusions. And never Krugman's. bbm
Health care spending
Apr 16 2014 - Indiana Gazette by DAN THOMASSON
When our longtime family doctor retired in the early 1960s, he was, according to my mother, charging the same amount for an office visit as he did in the 1930s when she and my father first became his patients. I always thought that was a bit of an exaggeration and it probably was but not much of one. The routine visit still hadn’t reached $10.
Editor's Comments:
And he still doesn't see, despite all the facts hitting him on the head, that the real culprit in rising health care costs is government. bbm
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News / Government / Politics / Elections / Election reform / Campaign Finance
Campaign money
Apr 11 2014 - Indiana Gazette by Martin Schram
The latest Supreme Court ruling — defending the rights of billionaires to try to rent, if not buy, the gratitude and votes of unlimited numbers of politicians — has just provided fresh evidence that helps us finally answer a central question that has divided the experts.
Editor's Comments:
Even if what he says were correct, the real problem is that government is too important. It is too involved in our lives so that we have to spend money to protect ourselves from big government. bbm
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News / Economics
Financial Institutions
Apr 17 2014 - Indiana Gazette by Paul Krugman
We’re giving huge sums to the financial industry while receiving little or nothing in return.
Editor's Comments:
Technology is not one of Krugman's strengths but then again, neither is economics. bbm
Apr 13 2014 - Economic Policy Institute. by Heidi Shierholz
Job opportunities have been so weak for so long that jobless workers continue to get stuck in unemployment for unprecedented lengths of time. Currently 3.7 million unemployed workers have been searching for a job for more than six months, more than three times the number of long–term unemployed there were in 2007, before the recession began. We often hear the claim that long–term unemployment in this recovery is due to unemployed workers not having the education or skills for the jobs that are available. A look at the data, however, shows that this is not what’s driving today’s long–term unemployment crisis.
Editor's Comments:
Well, yes, when obstructions to the economy occur, they are across the board. Cut tax rates. bbm
Apr 15 2014 - Times Union, Albany NY
Editor's Comments:
Unemployment benefits don't create job, dummies. Reducing the burden of taxes and regulation will produce jobs and you won't need to spend money on unemployment. We should spend it on employment by buying the things we need and want, not paying taxes.
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Apr 17 2014 - Times Union, Albany NY by Philadelphia Inquirer
More than 3.7 million jobless Americans may be learning how it feels to fruitlessly search for work, find meals at a food pantry and skip paying bills for the first time. Out of work for six months or more, they are the long–term unemployed, about 2 million of whom can't get extended unemployment benefits because House Speaker John Boehner won't post a bipartisan bill passed by the Senate.
Editor's Comments:
You got it all wrong. It is taxes and regulations that are holding back employment and thank the Dems for that. bbm
The economy
Apr 13 2014 - The American by Alan D. Viard
Neither party will always welcome estimates of how their proposals affect long–run growth. But the American people should welcome the prospect of their elected representatives being asked to think further ahead than the next election.

Editor's Comments:
Short term growth is important also and the same policies would help. Keynesians policies don't do either. You could write a good article on this subject but this isn't it. bbm
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News / Economics / Government Economics / Taxes
IRS issues
Apr 16 2014 - Times Union, Albany NY
Editor's Comments:
There are no redeeming qualities for taxes and certainly not for the collectors. bbm
Apr 12 2014 - American Enterprise Institute by Karlyn Bowman, Jennifer K. Marsico
How would you answer this simple question: “Do you consider the amount of federal income tax you pay as too high, about right, or too low?” Today, people divide their responses between the “too high” and “about right” answers. Hardly anyone ever says their federal taxes are “too low.”
Editor's Comments:
It's a sorry state of education when that many people say their taxes are about right. Our economy suffers mightily with the high tax rates and government wastes virtually all our taxes. bbm
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News / Economics / Labor
Gender pay differences
Apr 14 2014 - The Dallas Morning News by RUTH MARCUS
Here’s a radical notion: It is simultaneously possible to believe that women are entitled to equal pay and to not support the Paycheck Fairness Act.
Editor's Comments:
The Democrats are liars all the time. They are intellectually dishonest. Studies show their is no gap when all factors are taken into account. And it makes sense. Employers will pay what employees are worth or else they will lose them. bbm
Apr 14 2014 - The Dallas Morning News
At a successful national magazine, a woman in her 40s was the deputy editor. She was well–respected as a go–getter who came up with new ideas all the time.
Editor's Comments:
I'm sure that happens. It also happens with men. bbm
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News / Economics / Labor / Minimum Wage
Minimum wage realities
Apr 13 2014 - Indiana Gazette by LLEWELLYN KING
So you think the federal minimum wage is $7.25? Well, that’s for people who do not get tips, or rather for those who are not recognized to get tips.
Editor's Comments:
So, King, because you are a pundit, you know what everybody should make? You are crazy. You have no idea whether Joe Blow is worth $100 an hour or $1 an hour.
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News / Energy / Energy Shortage
Energy shortage
Apr 16 2014 - Times Union, Albany NY by Gordon Boyd
The proposed federal investigation of this winter's high energy prices might turn up a result that would not surprise Walt Kelly's Pogo: "We have met the enemy and he is us."
Editor's Comments:
Government interference always results in bad things, like shortages. bbm
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News / Violence / Violence-Middle East-Israel
Israeli - Palestinian Conflict
Apr 17 2014 - The Dallas Morning News by THOMAS FRIEDMAN
At first, the article in The Jerusalem Post last week seemed like the same old, same old: A picture of a ransacked Israel Defense Forces post in the West Bank. Then a quote from Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon: “The state of Israel will not tolerate such criminal activity, which is terrorism in all respects.” Those Palestinians will never quit.
Editor's Comments:
Kerry is a waste of time. bbm
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News / Violence / Military
Force size and structure
Apr 12 2014 - The Dallas Morning News by Reihan Salam
We neocons have fallen out of favor, not just on the left, where “neocon” is routinely used as a term of abuse, but also on the right, where libertarian–minded conservatives who favor a smaller (and cheaper) military have seized the initiative. Rand Paul, the junior senator from Kentucky, is just one of many tea party conservatives who has defined his foreign policy views in opposition to the neocons. And it’s easy to see why.

Editor's Comments:
An interesting justification for American power. bbm
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News / Immigration
Illegal immigration
Apr 13 2014 - Indiana Gazette by CHRISTINE FLOWERS
Jeb Bush made some very provocative comments about immigration the other day. They were red meat for a conservative base that thinks in broad brushstrokes about foreigners. Actually, they were more like a bullfighter’s red cape, or scarlet blood in the water.
Editor's Comments:
Emotions are not the way for politics. bbm
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News / Legal Issues
Intellectual Property
Apr 19 2014 - Ludwig von Mises Institute by David Gordon
Few topics in recent years have aroused as much interest among libertarians as intellectual property. What place, if any, would IP — patents, copyrights, trademarks and the like — have in a libertarian society? Ayn Rand and her Objectivist followers view IP as the most basic of all property rights. Diametrically opposed are those who say, “You cannot own an idea”: ideas are not in the economic sense scarce goods and thus property rights in them are at odds with the purpose of property rights, avoiding conflict over the use of such goods. Still others shift the argument from rights to the benefits and costs of IP. Does IP promote valuable inventions and creativity, or does it impede them?
Editor's Comments:
Still didn't convince me, one way or the other. bbm
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News / Science / Technology
Technological advances
Apr 17 2014 - Times Union, Albany NY by Maureen Dowd
It will be tough to go into the big battle against drones without the irrepressible Goose.
Editor's Comments:
And the message is? bbm
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News / Welfare
Welfare and work
Apr 14 2014 - In These Times by Julia Wong
A new report from California housing advocates and racial justice organizers lays out a blueprint.

Editor's Comments:
It is not a human rights issue. bbm
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News / Welfare / Rich vs Poor
Income Inequality
Apr 13 2014 - Indiana Gazette by GENE LYONS
Pity the poor plutocrats, victims of the envious mob. You can hardly open the Wall Street Journal these days without reading a self–pitying screed by some billionaire hungry for love.
Editor's Comments:
Absolute liberal garbage. bbm
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GM news
Apr 16 2014 - Times Union, Albany NY by San Jose Mercury News
Mary Barra, General Motors' new chief executive officer, was in a tough spot recently as she tried to explain to Congress why her company didn't quickly recall cars it knew contained defective and clearly dangerous parts.
Editor's Comments:
Where were the media when all those accidents were happening? Oh, they are never at fault. bbm
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Lifestyle / People and their Relationships
Women's issues
Apr 13 2014 - Indiana Gazette by Cokie Roberts and Steven Roberts
The guys still don’t get it. The latest example of men behaving badly is Michael Hayden, the former CIA director. He said on Fox that Sen. Dianne Feinstein, the chair of the Intelligence Committee, was motivated by a “deep emotional feeling” when she endorsed a still–secret report that sharply criticizes the agency’s interrogation tactics in the aftermath of 9/11.
Editor's Comments:
And women don't make decisions on emotions? Give me a break. Of course they do, far more than men. It is their beauty but not in politics. bbm
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